The Felon's Prayer

Oh, God:

Send me back with my present knowledge,
there is no more powerful loss than regret.
The things I'd say to the forgotten,
the moves I'd make for the unknown.

But I may turn greedy
and use this miracle to fatten my purse.
Brushing aside the needy,
turning my left to the ones in the right.

So send me back with only ideas,
some choice pebbles handpicked from the river.
And time will not hold me accountable
for my ill begotten vengeance.

But I may seek glory,
to be held higher than those I've known.
Sitting on a throne of self-made magnitude,
presiding over those without knowledge of history.

So keep me still instead
and grant me patience for my failings.
Bless my family and those I care for,
give me peace, perseverance and gratitude.

Teach me to teach them, my children.
Open my heart to lift hers always.
Lighten my load to feel at ease.
Challenge me so that I'll never forget humility.

Guide my hands from the crooked path.
Hold me when I fear.


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