The Ballad of Lilly Everheart

In the heat two hands on axe
A young man no sense of past
New to world's hardest truths
Aged Lilly provides the proof

Pulled up sleeve with brandished arm
Flesh and ink proof of harm
He gazed upon an ancient tattoo
The identifier of human zoo

Proud Lilly looked into young eyes
Presented her tale from past lives
"I come from people never forgot
In places the same as your lot

We came from Moses and Abraham
No different other women or man
Our truths paved cast a ways
To ghettos ovens and endless days

They ripped apart our families
Stole our homes ignored our pleas
They took our culture's generation
Erasing the memories' determination

They bottled us fifty and two
In lightless carts no hats or shoe
Left us to ponder what we did wrong
Our births the reason for this song

My mother was gassed in morning's sun
My father was shot while trying to run
My lover died in front of me
My family gone while I bleed

My brother found peace in the ash
The ovens so hot nowhere to dash
My sister had lovers she never knew
Passed her around like Mamma's stew

I was too young to remember the pain
But I do remember the freedom of rain
I left after Ike came home
Found my path of thistle and thorn

Austria was kind my children grew
Summer laughter of a free Jew"
She grabbed him on arm sun ripe
Kissing forehead to lessen the fright

Now tell my stories to you and yours
Never forget the ink still sore
We all make mistakes that some regret
But never the chambers hidden intent

They stood together, the young and old
Two worlds cheering hope to unfold
The young man back to axe and tree
Never to forget what she sees

Years past the young now old
In graveyard his son he holds
Stopping beside the Lilly's stone
Begins her song for son to know

She paid me for work on hot days
She gave me snacks and lemonade
She share smiles before we part
She was the best Lilly Everheart

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