School Days

Concrete walls echo the metal trays tossed aside
on the ground where preschoolers attempt to play.
A dreamland of childhood fortified with the taste of fear.
Passing notes between desks given way to shouts of SHELTER IN PLACE.
Reprised Wheels on the Bus replaced by the sound of the loaded AK.

America the beautiful, why have you forsaken them?
My country 'tis of thee has grown afraid.
Violence has gone low and left unanswered questions
to the faceless crowd-sourced news reporters.
With every new day another story of babies killing babies.

When did school become the new prison yard?
When did sorting a broken mentality mean carrying a gun?
Our idealism is now the lunchroom bully,
turning blind eyes to the people lost in their loneliness.
I don’t give a damn for your holdups,
your lack of understanding doesn’t justify murder.

You want to kill, join the army.
Stop trying to scare the world into respecting your fabled genius.
Your lynch mob aspiration has no place among our bright future.

Step up and preach truth in hope,
instead of the click,
of a gun.

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from thorns collected poems vol. 2 by james wieland american author and poet in arizona

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