Rise Up

Rise up,
men and women of earned character.

Pass by the sycophant postures of polished social standing.

Stand firm amid the noise and haste,
or banish forever the cowardness of community.

Change this nation,
while tiptoeing on the edge of injustice in the name of security.

Our brothers and sisters stand disbanded,
scattered amongst the forgotten dust of senseless fax paper.

Pepper your protests with kindness,
only known from teacher to student
and impress upon the world the truth screaming evidence
so we will have no excuse to exercise our extreme bigotry.

We now risk the risk
of pressing upon our future generations the repeating
of history's mistakes.

Break these chains through the power of perseverance
and with one voice of calm,
stretch out firm hands and repeat the famous chant
we shall not be moved.

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