Look for the Helpers

We are scared.
We are full of the fear of everything,
and everyone around us spews out erratic reactions.
Full of the icy judgment flowing through hot veins
begging for pain and hurt, injecting our secret addictions.

We crave more.
Always wanting to read the latest.
Who did what to whom, just to be in the know.
And in the midst of our greed for information
we have forgotten to care for our brothers and sisters.

Look to the helpers.
Those that would change bombs to flowers.
The few willing to cease the pavement invading fresh gardens.
The ones using every drop of their power
to quench the thirst of an unforgiving world.

Look to the helpers.
Those in back yards supporting their neighbors grief.
Witnesses to armed assaults on innocent elementary schools,
rushing to provide aide and safety without public reward,
or the promise of a TV spot on the six o'clock news.

Look to the helpers.
Those that see human beings instead of abominations.
The ones that will openly hug any being
regardless of race, sex, gender, faith or belief.
Pushing aside public hate to offer a soft bed and warm meal.

Run towards the fire my friends.
Run towards the needs of the world and forget
the ever flowing dialogue of those that whip up
the fears of the masses.

Look to the helpers.

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