Less to Say

Without you here there is less to say.
There is greater silence in the space between breaths.
The air grows colder without the fire of your eyes.
The wind howls deeper in echo of this emptiness.
I fall asleep clutching where your hair still smells,
grasping at a ghost in my memory.

So long,
so far,
so take it all away
and all I remember is holding you.
Kissing soft cheeks.

Meanwhile the shock of our indiscretion resonated in this castle.
The queen of my dreams so mysterious,
her past full of landmines and pitfalls.
To the common man you are the most beautiful enigma,
the most striking of hope
and I am resolute in my regret.

I know you're doing better now, safe with yours.
I know you're showered with happiness.
I can hear your laughter across this world.
I feel the strength in your story
and I am well.

I just don't think I'll ever get over you.

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from thorns collected poems by james wieland american author and poet in arizona

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