about the author and poet j. m. wieland

J. M. Wieland received his BS in Marketing from the School of Business at Grand Canyon University in 2011. He completed some course work at both the University of Maine pursuing music education and financial economics and at Northern Arizona University pursing computer science.

His book, Chains of Change, was his first crack at crafting a guide for felons and those with criminal pasts to get help rejoining modern society. He followed this up with his a book of collected poetry, I Know Where Monkeys Sleep, before going back to the drawing board and creating a more developed version of his book on felons titled, Getting Out: Success After Incarceration. After finishing a second collected volume of poems titled, From Thorns, he now is focused on a fantasy novel tentatively titled The Seventh Coin and a detective series both due out late Fall of 2018.

J. M. Wieland grew up all over the United States working in the fields of writing, marketing, design and business strategy. He currently resides in Queen Creek, Arizona with his loving wife and two beautiful daughters. You can usually find him in a dojo, on the road, or sequestered at a local hideaway with pen and paper.